This is the first “Official Newsletter” of the Misty Ridge Sportsman’s Association. There are some very important changes for 2004 that you must be made aware of.  First, Scott and Cindy will no longer be involved in the lease. They are the property owners and as such should only need to worry about when will the payment be received. In the past they have had to chase down members for their payments, worry about who was hunting where, where did all the ATVs come from, who dumped the trash on the property, taxes and liability. As the property owner leasing my property to an organization I wouldn’t want the stress of all this. So, We now have in place a real lease. It’s legal. It is signed. And it is binding.

With the recent medical problems experienced by “Hawkeye” Gerlach, it wouldn’t be fair to ask him to deal with this. So, the leased was signed by myself, witnessed by Bill Gordon. This makes me the responsible party. I don’t need the stress either, but I’ll deal with it.

I hope to have in place by Oct. 1st. a Board of elected directors who will oversee the business of the Association. I feel the Association, for the most part should be governed by the membership. Each member should have input into what is happening. In the interim, myself, Bill Gordon and Kenny Klem will be conducting the business. We hope to have fundraisers to bring down the dues cost in 2005. We would like to plant some food plots and put some feeders around the property. There are many improvements we can make; we just need ideas and the members to get involved.

 For now, we would like to hold monthly meetings to get rolling. You do not have to attend. You will receive a Newsletter monthly to let you know what is happening. But if want to express an opinion or have an idea you should try to make the meetings.

We are working on a set of By-laws. These will only be a starting point. They can be changed, amended, revised, deleted or replaced. We need to have something to govern the Association and its members. Something written so we can be consistent. This way, rules won’t change day to day. Or season to season.

I hope all of you are as excited about this as I am. This can and will be a good thing. All of us, as Sportsman, need to band together to make this an organization that people will want to be associated with. And we can do it.

Now, some news. Scott and I will start working at the “Twin Chimneys” area this week to make it a gathering place. We are going to clean it up put in a gravel pad and get those fireplace working. We are also going to cut in a new Quad trail near Pine Run. This brings us to another change. Be fore leasing the property to us Scott and Cindy tried to make some changes involving ATV traffic on their property. This created more unwanted stress for our hosts. You can’t imagine what was being said and done. They don’t need to deal with this.

“ATVTraction”, a not for profit, off road riders right organization, will control the property as far as ATV’s are concerned. Please check out their web site at “”. This is an outstanding organization with chapters in Erie, Mckean, Tioga and Venango Counties. What will this do for us? It will relieve us of liability concerns. They will maintain the trails, build bridges, and help us in any way we need. So, now to answer your question. You as a member of the Misty Ridge Sportsman Association can operate your ATV on the property. But only you.

ATV Traction membership is only $20 for a single or $35 for you entire family. I have attached some info for you to read on it. Anyone can join ATV traction. You need not be a member of the Sportsman’s Association. This, by the way, is stated in our lease.

OK guys, you need to pay up. Only 22 are paid.  Our lease is $9815.50. If we want to continue to hunt this property we need your payment. And we need it by Oct.1, 2004. If not paid in full by then “WE LOSE”. Lets not let that happen. If you have anyone interested in joining please have him or her contact me or Bill or Kenny. We need a few members to make our lease goal.



First Meeting Saturday August 7, 2004

Picnic Pavilion at Wilson Park

See you there,  Ed Conley