Minutes – Hunt Club Meeting of 11/29/03

            Here are a few announcements which the members were made aware of during the meeting hosted by Bob “ Hawkeye “ Gerlach;

1.                  Bob & Jan Boehm ( Pronounced “ Beem “ ) have posted their 16 acre property as a “ Safety Zone “…everyone needs to be aware the easement installed below their home, is strictly a legal means for all of us to travel through HIS PROPERTY…do not hunt below their home or on their property.  All the members need to review the map and be sure they know exactly what acreage we’re referring to here.

2.                  Please make sure everyone is aware of the property boundary to the East of Eric Lindh’s stand.  Anyone who might be hunting on the 42 acre property owned by Dave Boden & Chris Sheatz isn’t going to be real happy having the Misty Ridge Hunt Club members coming through their property on ATV’s or by foot…this is a potential “ Flash Point “ which needs to be avoided.  It is each member’s responsibility to know where the boundaries are…it is VERY well-marked.  Please also mention that we need volunteers to open up another “ Upper “ Pine Hill Run stream crossing so that this does not continue to be a problem. 

3.                  We need to make sure we have correct address, phone & e-mail on everyone…please have them review the roster list and make any changes.

4.                  Please ask that each member carry a copy of the “ roster list “ along with their hunting license.

5.                  If anyone has ANY unwanted drainage pipes which could be used, we’ll be happy to put them to good use by installing them at various water crossing points so that we can minimize silt in Pine Hill Run and the river due to ATV traffic.  We are also looking for a couple of long I-beams so we can improve the Lower Pine Hill Run crossing.

6.                  Please make the announcement that our insurance covers Cindy & me for the normal risks associated with hunting club activities in pursuit of the sport.  All club members need to be aware that any accidents incurred on the property by their family members, friends or any other “ non-members “ ARE NOT OUR RESPONSIBILITY “.  As all the signs say…Non-Members are trespassers and TRESPASSERS PROCEED AT THEIR OWN RISK.  For the record, AND BY LAW…any operator of an ATV or motorcycle is required to have their machine licensed and their own liability insurance.  It is not our job to enforce the laws…we strictly want to point this out.

7.                  There are many old logging trails on the property which are washed out and very dangerous.  There are many “ terrain hazards “ which could either kill you or, worse yet…break your neck..  Be aware of trail erosion because there is nothing we can do about it.


Thank You !!

Scott & Cindy