Winter 2001  

Now that the rifled deer season is over I thought it would be a good time to print the first Misty Ridge Hunter’s Association (UNOFFICIAL) Newsletter. I hope no one minds. If you do, throw the damn thing in the trash.
First I’d like to say “Thanks” to Scott for giving us all the opportunity to once again hunt the area we all hunted for years. I think everyone of us hated it when those orange and yellow signs went up several years ago. I know our group, known from now on as the “Top Dwellers”, did. And the other group, now known as the “Low Landers”, had to dislike it as much. I hope we have lots of good hunting ahead of us.

Now for some sobering information, The Low Landers kicked our Top Dwelling Asses this season. You guys blew us away in total deer taken and total points. The Top Dwellers even drafted Cindy Sensesak, but her deer didn’t put us over the top. Next year it will be different. We’re bringing in a few “Ringers’
Congrats to Cindy for bagging her first buck. Cindy got a spike on the first day. I understand that she also found herself in the hospital. I know we all wish her a speedy and complete recovery. Congratulations also to Darrin Hall. Darrin also bagged his first buck. Darrin got a nice six point on opening day. Darrin is now in his early 20’s and has been hunting here with his dad since he was 12. That’s a long dry spell. But what could the kid expect? His dad has had him sitting in a small cave telling him deer lived there and when they come home he could shoot one. We finally got the kid out of the cave and told him his dad was full of it. We built him a stand 30 yards from his dads and he shot a deer right out from under his dad. Way to go Darrin. I here dad is out of that spot next year. We’ll see.

Something just dawned on me. Maybe the reason you “Low Landers” put it to us “Top Dwellers” so bad was the fact that you had us all on 122 acres, keeping 558 acres for your own selves. HEY! We are spreading out next year. We’ll see if Bob will let us have an extra 3 or 4 acres. Shouldn’t be a problem.

I here the “Low Landers” have a “miserable” guy just like me down there. From what I hear that would be Bill Gordon. Well guess what? Bill and I get along pretty well. So, if we are together all ya”ll are in deep stuff. Bill and I get along so well we each went out and bought a Yamaha Grizzly. What could be nicer then two miserable guys on two new Grizzlies?

I’ve been doing a lot of riding up here since the end of deer season. I have located 4 of the Brandon guys stand that are still in the woods. It would be interesting to know if they were in them this year. A couple of these stands would be excellent archery spots. If there are any bow shooters out there, I will be happy to show you where they are. We have that second season archery going know and I have been out a few times. There are still a lot of deer in the woods. I haven’t seen any buck though. But I’m sure they are out there. I’ll find one.

HEY BOB! Who won the buck pole? Is it a secret? OR was that money a down payment on Bill’s new quad? Let me know who won and when I do the next UNOFFICIAL News Letter I’ll tell everyone that Robbie won. I don’t know if he did or not. But, he had one nice 8 point.

Well that’s it for this edition of the News Letter. All the imformation contained here in is true or untrue. It makes no difference. It was done to give you a chuckle and that is all. I did not mean to offend anyone. If you were, throw this away and have a beer. Remember, there is going to be another News Letter. If you didn’t like this one, throw the next one away.

Remember to be safe. And I hope everyone had good holidays.