March 6, 2005

Ed Conley

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Well another hunting season has come and gone. Some of us are just waiting for the Spring Turkey season and then we will break out the fishing tackle.

From what I hear we had a pretty good buck season, UP HERE ON THE TOP. I think you could say, us top dwellers kicked you bottom feeders butts this year. Ed Conley 8 pt. Norm Rathke 8 pt. Mike Cotrill 8pt. Walt Dunbar, massive 8 pt. Ryan Conley, huge 10 pt. (off lease). What I hear from the BOTTOM, Jeff Dengler 9 pt. These are not official stats. But this is all I heard of.


Gentlemen and Lady, The lease this year is due JULY 1, 2005. I will not put any of my money out up front this year. We still owe $1500 for last years lease. Kenny Clem, Bill Gordon, and myself are putting together a raffle to help pay this debt off. I would hope all of you would try to sell some tickets when available. We would like to have several raffles through out the year to help bring our dues down. So far the dues are the same as last year, $175 per member. Kids with parents are free until age 16. There is no reason why we canít get our dues down to $100 by doing a few raffles. If anyone has an idea, please, let us know. As of now we have 8 memberships paid for the 2006 season. 7 of these 8 are new members. Anyone not paid by July may lose his or her position. We are not going to chase anyone this year for his or her payment. ATV Traction is going to take 5, maybe 10 memberships. They feel they should help pay for the lease since they have access to the property for ATV use. That brings up another issue.


After getting complaints from everywhere, there is a NEW RULE.

NEW RULE: Any one wishing to operate an ATV, Dirt Bike, Snowmobile, etc. etc. must be a member of ATV Traction.

 I had a talk with Scott and Cindy, after some members of the hunt club and ATV Traction had a ride this past weekend. Apparently there were quads on the ride that were not displaying registrations. And, did they have insurance? They, and I, agree that every one riding on the property must have a registration and insurance. Being a member of ATV Traction assures that the vehicle is registered and insured.  This is the only way we can protect them from a liability lawsuit.  Hey, this could become a walk in only hunting area. I donít want that.  It is stated in our lease that ATV Traction will control the ATV traffic on the property. And it has to be that way. I donít want to lose this lease. But Scott may have no other choice if we donít protect his interests. We carry $1,000,000 and ATV Traction carries $1,000,000 of liability insurance. And the State passed a law that protects property owners from lawsuits if they operate a facility for riding, but it has to be controlled and regulated. That is why ATV Traction is here. So, with this News Letter you are each receiving information and an application to ATV Traction. Hunt club members wishing to use an ATV need to join ATV Traction. Itís the only way to ride on the lease.

We have a 1 for 1 record in court. An individual named Harold Vaughn from the Pittsburgh area was stopped on the lease. He wasnít very cooperative or nice. Rather then argue with him I got that nice little registration number off of his quad and 3 weeks later we were in the magistrates office. They are very strict on agricultural trespassers here. $300 bucks.  Boom, pay at the office. Since Scott has the property as a tree farm , the agricultural trespass statute holds up. Once the word gets around that the fines are stiff and we are willing to go to court, I think the violators will thin out.

That is all I have for now. I will do my best to get a newsletter out every month. It has been very hectic trying to do this and get ATV Traction Venango off the ground. I now have some good help with ATV Traction as we have elected our officers and are going strong. Any of you that are interested, visit our web site at Be sure to check out our Venango web page.

Please make your Hunt Club Dues check out to The Misty Ridge Sportsman Association, and mail to:

Ed Conley, 659 North Kent Rd. Kennerdell, Pa. 16374