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Apparently, when the big Chinook kicked off, the SEAL fell out.

A 32-year-old guy named Neil Roberts. A petty officer first class,…one of the toughest in the American armed forces, in the back of a big twin-rotor helicopter that was taking fire. The poor guy fell out of the craft and nobody was exactly sure how. There's a lot of movement, a lot of wind and a lot of gravity, and when they got close to base and did the head count they were one shy.


Where a hundred or more captured Al Qaeda prisoners sit in cells waiting for breakfast, lunch and dinner…good Muslim food, designed to consider their traditional dietary guidelines. They eat good there, and most of them have put on weight. Most of them have been through the camp infirmary, a fully functioning Army field hospital where they receive the same medical care offered members of the American military. In fact, in addition to treating any injuries sustained during capture, American specialists have also treated orthopedic and cosmetic injuries sustained in battles fought months and years ago.


Al Qaeda detainees at Guantanamo Bay’s Camp X-Ray have received the best of American medical and dental care, for free, at the American Taxpayer’s expense, being given procedures and treatment simply unavailable in their native lands.  They've been provided a Muslim chaplain, flown in especially for them, copies of the Koran, and a big sign points them in the correct direction so that they can send their prayers to the West, toward Mecca.  Further, five-times-a-day, the Islamic “ call to prayer “ is played on the camp loudspeaker. That's what's happening in Cuba!!


And now, activists and officials from around the world have publicly condemned American treatment of the Al Qaeda men captured in combat. Muslim governments, our European allies, American leftist groups and Amnesty International-types have all bitterly accused the United States of being inhumane. Some have claimed there should be a United Nations condemnation; many have called for international inspectors to go in. The call has been loud, almost deafening, as the world has condemned and cursed the way Al Qaeda fighters have been treated in captivity by Americans.


Now, where one of those unmanned, Prowler surveillance planes saw ( and captured on film ) Petty Officer Roberts falling out of the helicopter,…lying there… injured but alive, they also saw three Al Qaeda guys come out of the bush and grab him.  He was their prisoner…Captured in battle. They grabbed him, dragged him and took him away. They beat him and then executed him. They shot him through the head...Bang, bang…A wounded man…A detainee…No medical care, no food, no holy book, no chaplain. Just a bullet through the head… That is what's happening in Afghanistan!!


I guess the moral to this story is that it's OK to shoot a wounded prisoner, but if you take him to a hospital, treat his injuries and feed him,…you've gone too far. Apparently killing an American detainee is acceptable, while coddling the Al Qaeda detainees is not. The same people who have seen a war crime in the treatment of terrorists are unperturbed by the slaughter of a prisoner of



      Watch the slide-shows posted at the top of the page…and you be the judge!  As far as we are concerned…IF YOU WORSHIP ALLAH, AND YOU BELIEVE THESE ARE HIS WORKS…YOU’D BE BETTER OFF WORSHIPPING THE DEVIL.