Extra Extra… Cindy Sensesak Graduates
The Misty Ridge Gazette - Kennerdell
11/30/01 By Scott W. Schneider - Staff Reporter

As a culmination of many years of hard work, locally renowned " Buck Hunter " and outdoor ATV enthusiast, Ms. Cindy Lou Sensesak, graduated today with an RN Degree from The Sharon Regional School of Nursing. Although Cindy's future plans have yet to be fully decided, her options appear to be numerous. When interviewed by this reporter, she stated that consideration is being given to some form of a First Aid Station, which would be situated at the Kennerdell Look-Out.

When probed for more specifics, Sensesak stated that, based upon the demographics of the area, traffic flow and a growing Kennerdell Area Community need, she is confident that market conditions could easily justify a fully staffed, part-time facility, designated for week-end hang-over relief, administered prior to " the camper's " weekly week-end departure from the Kennerdell area. Cindy went on to say that she, and a partner, have done copious amounts of observation based research, and that a more detailed business plan may soon emerge. She did say that, if the decision is made to move forward, this proposed facility would operate only on Sundays between the hours of 12:01 PM and 9:00 PM.

This reporter has also caught wind of a rumor that this new Kennerdell Look-Out satellite facility may be part of a joint venture which involves Beer & Liquor sales on Friday afternoons and evenings, between the hours of 12:01 PM and Midnight. A liquor license is currently being pursued by one of Ms. Sensesak's associates, who is based out of Kennerdell, PA. Although she would not confirm any of the specifics surrounding these rumors, she did state that the objective of the venture is to " Cure them on the way in…and then cure them on the way out…it is a 2-way street ", she stated. She would not speculate as to any possible affiliation this facility may or may not have with the new UPMC medical facility which is scheduled for local construction in the near-term.

In any event, this reporter would like to wish Cindy the best of luck in her new profession and ventures, whatever they may be!!! Whether it's the Telemetry unit in Sharon, the Proctology unit at UPMC or passing out Advil tablets at the Kennerdell Look-Out on Sunday afternoons,…we are all sure Cindy will make the best of it and have a lot of fun in the process. Please join me in wishing Cindy the best of luck in her newly chosen career.