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Deed Restrictions

The following covenant verbiage will appear within the deeds of all properties which are sold in the Misty Ridge development plan. They are very limited, very common; essentially “ bare minimum “ zoning guidelines. 

Their primary purpose…

1. They will protect “You from Me“
2. They will protect “Me from You“
3. They will protect “Us from Them“

Deed verbiage will read as follows…

UNDER AND SUBJECT TO the following conditions, restrictions and covenants:
A. No mobile home, trailer, tent, shack or building other than a resident dwelling(s), shall be erected on the premises herein conveyed.
B. All buildings or structures erected or placed upon the premises herein conveyed shall be of attractive design and constructed of wood, glass and stone and placed upon permanent foundation.
C. No buildings or structures shall be constructed of steel.
D. No unlicensed vehicles in the state of disrepair shall be placed upon the premises herein conveyed.
E. No lot shall be resubdivided without the express written consent of The Developer. All lots shall be subject to easement for streets, services, egress, ingress, regress & utilities.*
F. No accumulation of junk, refuse or trash will be permitted anywhere within the development.
G. The owner of said premises in selling the premises shall include the aforesaid conditions, restrictions and covenants in said Deed of sale in their entirety. 

UNDER AND SUBJECT TO, nevertheless, all conveyances, exceptions, restrictions and conditions which are contained in prior deeds or other instruments of record in Venango County, Pennsylvania, all visible easements; municipal zoning ordinances; building codes; laws, ordinances of governmental regulations relating to sewage disposal; and, all laws, ordinances and regulations relating to subdivisions.

*Restriction “ E “ will not apply to the purchase of an entire tract, however, it will apply to any parcels which are sub-divided.

(If you have any questions regarding these common covenants, please contact your lawyer.)