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2006 - 2007


Future Picture of Rob Gerlach's Buck

Winner of the Buck Pool


Future Picture of Dan Lewis' Buck







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After an unsuccessful Coup d'etat which lead to the "ouster" of Bob "Hawkeye" Gerlach last year, he has again risen to power ,..... being reinstalled as a result of a unanimous vote by the club's members who were present on October 8th, 2005.  Hawkeye has expressed his pleasure with the club member's decision and has promised to closely watch prior mutineers (myself included) who were involved in his "short lived " over-throw from power.  We are all hopeful that the club's membership can rally around Hawkeye as he again attempts to restore fair order to the Misty Ridge Hunter's Association.

2005 - 2006




Sportsman's Association - News Letter #2 - March 6, 2005

Sportsman's Association - News Letter #1 - July 23rd, 2004

>>Anything Posted Below This Line is Out-of-Date and No Longer Current!<<

We will Maintain the Record for Posterity's Sake...Good Luck With It Ed !!

Misty Ridge Hunter's Association

>> Here are the Details<<

The Misty Ridge Hunter's Association
Has 53 Members at this Time...2 Slots Still Remain Available

Interested Parties Contact 814-498-2070

At the time the club was formed, it was agreed the club membership would MAX-OUT at about 50. As of the middle of April, 2002, we've reached this goal.  It's been requested that this current " Sold-Out " status be posted on the web-site. In the event that membership slots become available in the future, they will be posted. Thanks guys and have a great season!!!

The ATV Issue 

We are very sorry, but, we don't have insurance which allows ATV riding by non-members and we do not have any type of riding club here in Misty Ridge.  Our insurance policy only covers our members, and in a manner where ATV riding is incidental to their Hunting endeavors.  We will not be responsible or be held liable for anyone's accidents other than our own.  This is a " Sue-Crazy " world and we can't take this chance!!  The property's perimeter is very close to being fully posted and the following rules do apply.

Misty Ridge Members Only

Licenses are Required by ALL

Non-Members are Trespassers

Trespassers are at their own Risk

Minutes -- Hunt Club Meeting 11-29-03

Official Unofficial News Letter - Winter 2001 / 2002

We thought you’d be interested in some of the facts concerning State Game Lands #39, which lies just across the river from Kennerdell.

Many thanks to " Hawkeye " & EC for helping to pull the club together; we hope everyone had a good time! Ed and I spent some time locating the various tree-stands and archery stands for future planning purposes; this information can be found within the " thumbnail " shown to the right.  EC & I also spent some time this past summer installing another 1.5 miles of access trails.  Be aware that these new trails and a few new stands still need to be updated to the map

If new stands are in the plans for next season, please make every effort to build them in such as manner as to prevent tree damage. A steel nail in a tree is poison to anyone who runs a saw or a mill. Please also make an effort to avoid running over saplings whenever possible. Feel free to cut a trail to any stand you intend to use, but, from that point...please use it ! We thank you in advance and we hope everyone has a great year !!  The locations for new hunting stands need to be pre-approved by Mr. Bob " Hawkeye " Gerlach.  He can be reached at 814-385-4040 or on cell at 724-699-1322

    Click above map for full-size viewing online.  To download a hi-res copy of the map to your computer click here for instructions.

Bear hunting is restricted to the acreage which lies North of Pine Hill Run...
Please familiarize yourself with the acreage boundaries...
Please do not litter...if you see litter, PLEASE PICK IT UP !!
Please familiarize yourself with your co-members...THEY'RE A GREAT BUNCH OF GUYS.
This is a "Members Only" hunting club...please help to enforce this policy...
All Hunters Proceed At Their Own Risk and must carry their copy of the current year's roster.
Before erecting any new tree-stands, Mr. Bob " Hawkeye " Gerlach needs to Approve Location.

Misty Ridge Hunter's Association shirts are available for $25.00 Send email to scott@kennerdell.com (State your size!)

Hunt Club Related Expenses ( 2001 ):
Club Insurance = $247
Club Map Preparation = $405
Club Water-Proof Stickers = $21 ( approximate ) *

Vacant Land Taxes = $6,363.95

Total Expense ( 2001 ) = $7,058.95

Hunt Club Related Expenses ( 2002 )

Club Insurance = $403

Membership Buttons = $117.66

Hawkeye's Cook-Out = $100

Vacant Land Taxes = $7,342.48

Total Expense ( 2002 ) = $7,963.14

* If anyone is willing to assist in applying these stickers to all existing " Brandon Sportsmen " signs around the perimeter...please advise !

Please Hunt Safely!!!

2005 Deer Season

Bill Baker's Buck


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2003 Deer Season

Jeff Somerville With His Lil' Mama

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2003 Spring Turkey

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2001 First Day Of Buck

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How About This Big Fella ?

Other Hunting Photos

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