Instructions for Downloading the Hunting Club Map

You can download a high resolution copy of the Hunting Club map to your own computer.  Then you can view it anytime you like without the wait on the Internet.  Plus, if you have the right software, a color printer and the know-how you can even print out a hard copy of the map.

NOTE: The following instructions are for computers running Windows and Internet Explorer.  Depending on your Internet Explorer version the exact wording of menus and such may be slightly different from listed in these instructions.

TO DOWNLOAD MAP: To download the map image file to your computer simply hold your mouse cursor over this link and press the RIGHT mouse button.  Select "Save Target As..." and then a box will pop up asking you where you want to save it and what name you want to give it.  It is recommended that you save it to your "Desktop" and you can name it anything you like.  Then click "Save."  The image file may take a while to download (3-25 minutes.)

When done downloading simply find the file on your Desktop and double-click on it to view it in your default image viewer.