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  Kennerdell News
Venango County's Main Daily Paper:
The Derrick
Related News Stories:
NEW! Shauna Howe's Family Members Finally Get Some Answers, The Derrick 8/25/04
NEW! Shauna Howe Suspects to Face Trial, The Derrick 8/25/04


Brochure Touts Region's Fine Fishing Opportunities, The Derrick 8/13/04
Home Depot store project to total more than $6 million, The Derrick 7/28/04
Allegheny River Trail expansion will officially kick off next week , The Derrick 7/21/04
Record sales of real estate reaping big rewards for municipalities, The Derrick 7/14/04
Hearing delayed in Howe case, The Derrick 7/7/04
New assessment figures may translate into higher tax bills , The Derrick 7/7/04
Two area recreational trails have received national recognition, The Derrick 6/15/04
Soldier Had a Head and Heart Full of Dreams, The Derrick 4/13/04
Oil City Soldier's Grieving Family Honors Son by Sharing His Love, The Derrick 4/13/04
Timber Sale Nets $13.8 Million in Clarion County, The Derrick 4/1/04
OC Council to Move Ahead with Plan for Whitewater Park , The Derrick 3/9/04
Group seeking state investigation, removal of Horn, Sharpe, The Derrick 3/3/04
Bedow determined to get to bottom of county swindle,The Derrick 2/19/04
Rockland supervisors hear sewage complaint, The Derrick 2/19/04
NEW! Rockland area Home Destroyed by Fire, The Derrick 2/17/04
NEW! Titusville doctor missing again, The Derrick 2/16/04
NEW! Hicks Fails to Secure Needed Bonding for Treasurer Post, The Derrick 2/4/04
NEW! Bedow Blasts Previous Board for Cloaking Swindle,  The Derrick 2/4/04
NEW! Commissioners OK Tax Hike - Local Yokels have Tough Time Managing Money, The Derrick 2/4/04
Cranberry Township in midst of latest flurry of commercial development,The Derrick 1/04
Oil City Mayor Ingham Found Driving Drunk, The Derrick 12/23/03
County leaders forced to face fiscal firestorm regarding missing $1,500,000 , The Derrick 12/9/03
Venango County's Missing $l.500,000 destined for economic development and tourism promotion, The Derrick 12/5/03
Funds were to be spent on variety of measures to aid local economy , The Derrick 12/5/03
Deer season off to good start in area - Kennerdell , The Derrick 12/2/03
  UPMC Northwest building plans remain on schedule, The Derrick 11/21/03
  Planning Commission Agrees to Help With Formation of Single Economic Development Group, The Derrick 10/16/03
  Peterson's Priorities for Rural Pennsylvania
  Work Continues at New UPMC Northwest Hospital, The Derrick 10/27/03
  Terror in the Kennerdell Tunnel, Misty Ridge Gazette 10/4/03
  New Hospital, Hidden from View, is a Construction to Behold,  The Derrick 10/4/03
  Construction to begin on shopping, The Derrick 9/23/03
Man Fulfills Longtime Dream,  The Derrick 8/29/03
Bob Evans Chain Files Building Permit in Cranberry for Restaurant (and possibly Home Depot), The Derrick 8/20/03
Crews Busy with Extension of Allegheny River Trail, The Derrick 8/1/03
Assessment Figure Lowered Sharply for Rockland Township Power Plant,The Derrick 7/31/03
Peterson Throws Support Behind Veterans Clinic, The Derrick 7/11/03
Construction Continuing in Cranberry at Break-Neck Pace, The Derrick 7/1/03
Peterson Presses For Economic Development Reform, The Derrick 7/1/03
Huge woods blaze in Rockland Township finally extinguished, The Derrick 4/17/03

Almost every fireman in Venango, Clarion counties was battling brush fires Tuesday, The Derrick 4/16/03

Massive blaze roars through Rockland Township forests, The Derrick 4/16/03
Missing man found dead in Rockland, The Derrick 4/15/03
Area homeowners in line for property tax reductions, personal income tax hikes, The Derrick 4/4/03
Peter Greene's Editorial Regarding Bosworth Study, ... his book is for sale at www.xlibris.com/VenangoTales.html
Oil City Soldier Among Those Killed, The Derrick, 3/13/03
Irma Wilson Obituary, The Derrick, 3/3/03
Handsome Lake court hearing date set, The Derrick, 3/3/03
Oil City Chamber will unveil new Web site this week , Check it out -- www.oilcitychamber.org
The Derrick, 3/3/03


Study Begins for Clarion Power Plant
The Derrick, 3/3/03
So Tired Of The Doom & Gloom!!, Misty Ridge Gazette, Scott W. Schneider, 10/30/02
Dotter Bridge in Rockland Township to close for several weeks, The Derrick, 10/02
  Oil Heritage Region spearheading two new projects in Venango County, The Derrick, 10/02
  Expert: Area economy in crisis, The Derrick, 10/02
Peterson again vents his anger about region's economic doldrums, The Derrick, 10/9/02
Fishing: Adventures along the Allegheny, The Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 0825/02
Development company wants to build 10-business strip mall in Cranberry Township, The Derrick, 8/9/02
Hospital project groundwork plows ahead, The Derrick, 7/31/02
  Man held for trial on fourth DUI charge, The Derrick, 7/18/02
  Rega sentenced to death, The Derrick, 6/22/02
  Rockland Township power plant appeals tax assessment, The Derrick, 6/5/02
  Bakery to open in September in Cranberry Township, The Derrick, 5/15/02
Handsome Lake assessment hearing set April 25, The Derrick, 4/4/02
Butler-area company buys third Cranberry property, The Derrick, 4/6/02
Planning Commission holds first visioning session to shape future of county, The Derrick, 4/11/02
Waagner shares his thoughts about family, the law, his country, and God, The Derrick, 4/11/02
UPMC Northwest project expanding, The Derrick, 5/4/02
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   A Lesson on how to treat prisoners of war, Misty Ridge Gazette, 4/1/02
  In Loving Memory of an Old Friend and Mentor
  River Ridge Farm apparently in process of being sold, The Derrick, 3/22/02
  Inmate denies link to Shauna Howe case, The Derrick, 3/22/02
  Cranberry building boom continues, The Derrick, 3/18/02
  Oil City resident says he decided it was time to tell, The Derrick, 3/16/02
  DNA link ignites Howe case, The Derrick, 3/16/02
  Shauna Howe investigation intensifies, The Derrick, 3/15/02
  Rockland's Leverage: The Power Plant, The Derrick, 3/15/02
  Rockland residents plea to keep building, The Derrick, 3/1/02
  There's much more to man's life than falconry, The Derrick
  Area falconer describes the satisfaction, rigors of his activity, The Derrick
  Rockland residents rallying support for their school building, The Derrick, 2/27/02
  Filmed Execution of WSJ Reporter Sets Off Revulsion, Reuters International Press, 2/22/2002
  River images available again on Internet, The Derrick, 2/20/02
  UPMC sets date for hospital groundbreaking, The Derrick, 2/19/02
  Commissioners back park plan, The Derrick, 1/31/02
  Body found in Scrubgrass Township, The Derrick, 1/28/02
  Cranberry supervisors discuss library idea, The Derrick, 1/25/02
  UPMC finalizes purchase of former Quaker State Innovation Center, The Derrick, 1/18/02
  Boil Water Order Issued for Kennerdell Water Systems, January, 2002
  Many reaching out to help Waagner family, The Derrick, 01/08/02
  Cranberry Township experienced development boom last year, The Derrick, 01/04/02
  Cindy Sensesak Graduates with honors, Sharon, 12/03/01
  Venango Commissioners approve budget; taxes to rise sharply, The Derrick, 12/20/01
  Waagner's wife describes her turbulent, faith-filled walk, The Derrick, 12/14/01
  New restaurant will open Thursday in Cranberry, The Derrick, 12/10/01
  Group cleans up illegal Brandon dumpsite , The Derrick, 12/08/01
  Extra Extra… Cindy Sensesak Graduates, The Misty Ridge Gazette, 11/30/01
  Merger final step in process of linking Northwest, UPMC, The Derrick, 11/30/01
  Hospitals will merge today, The Derrick, 11/30/01
  Ashcroft: Waagner suspect in anthrax hoax, The Derrick, 11/30/01
  Waagner suspected of mail crimes, The Derrick, 11/16/01
  Unofficial winners announced in township, borough races, The Derrick, 11/7/01
  Investigators visit Waagner's home, The Derrick, 11/6/01
  Developer buys downtown OC block, The Derrick, 11/2/01
  Heating costs on the way down again, The Derrick, 11/2/01
  Details revealed for preliminary design of hospital, The Derrick, 11/2/01
  Hospital plans moving forward on schedule, The Derrick, 11/2/01
  UPMC Northwest ready to buy former QS Innovation Center building, The Derrick, 10/31/01
  Dump cleanup near Brandon completed, The Derrick, 10/29/01
  Property eyed for cottage along Allegheny River, The Derrick, 10/26/01
  Residents get a chance to tour Rockland power plant, The Derrick, 10/19/01
  Rockland supervisor race is finally over, The Derrick, 10/12/01
  Venango emergency director offers tips in event of a disaster here, The Derrick, 10/12/01
  Doctor says Northwest Medical is prepared for possible emergencies involving biological terrorism, The Derrick, 10/10/01
  Cranberry supervisors hear update on building projects, The Derrick, 9/28/01
  UPMC Northwest acquiring more land for hospital, The Derrick, 9/28/01
  Plans advancing for a restaurant at Dandys, The Derrick, 9/27/01
  The Spray, The Derrick, 8/31/01
  Agreement reached regarding Rockland power plant, The Derrick, 8/28/01
  Northwest: Reno is out of picture, The Derrick,  8/9/01
  Hospital project moving ahead in Cranberry, The Derrick, 7/20/01
  The Spray, The Derrick, 7/16/01
  You'll soon be able to monitor Oil City's Ice Flow problems in " Real Time ". These cyber-cameras are fixed upon Oil Creek and the Allegheny River. They may also provide a few minutes of extra warning to downtown Kennerdell in the event of a problem with the Kinzua Dam.
  Central Electric has announced its plans to offer an alternative “ on-lot “ method of handling residential sewage.  This method offers great hope, that lands previously found to be unsuitable for building, from the standpoint of  sewage handling, will soon meet the requirements for development.
  Current Weather Conditions in Kennerdell:


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