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Here's the chain of correspondence which addresses various AVTA Rails-to-Trails issues which relate to funding, vandalism and alleged acts of " ATV Terrorism "...which occurred on the new bike trail in The Kennerdell Tunnel.  Personally, I'm still a little bit foggy on where the money's really coming from ( I still think some comes from our ATV license plate fees ), but,...we all need to respect the fact that the old railroad bed is now off-limits to all motorized vehicles.


As requested, and as a courtesy to AVTA, we’ve modified our Home Page Banner to remove inferences which were considered inflammatory. 


READ ON >>>>We think you'll find the victim's account to be amusing.


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From: Jim Holden

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Hello Scott

I just had my attention called to the banner on your web site. Those are not the facts. Want to know where the money really came from?


Jim Holden


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Morning Jim:

    Our banner details were extracted from a Derrick article titled " Crews Busy with Extension of Allegheny River Trail " which appeared 8.1.03.  This article is posted within our web at http://www.kennerdell.com/kennerdell_news_articles_030303/Crews%20Busy%20With%20Extension%20Of%20Allegheny%20River%20Trail.htm.  I believe we referenced the last paragraph within the article.

      Kennerdell.com offers forum for discussion on all " Kennerdell Related " issues and it's our goal to be as accurate as possible.  Any corrections would be appreciated.  Please feel free to address the issue directly within our " Community Page " at http://www.kennerdell.com/community_page.asp.  I'd also be happy to capture the complete story under our Misty Ridge Gazette ePublication.

    We are supporters of the AVTA's efforts and recognize your significant personal community involvement.


Scott Schneider


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From: Jim Holden

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Cc: Chet Lytle ; Terry Ray ; Steve Schenck ; Maryann Porterfield ; Karen Counselman ; John Sims ; John and Judy Hanninen ; David Howes ; Dave McVay ; Bob Barber ; Bill Weller ; Matt Lehman

Sent: Friday, October 03, 2003 12:10 PM

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OK - here are some facts.


1. NO DCNR money was used in the construction of this trail segment. It was entirely TEA-21 grant money, which is (was) 2% of the federal transportation budget allocated for Transportation Enhancements (TE). It is a competitive grant process, and we have been very successful in directing some of this money to Venango County.


2. NO ATV license fee $$ was directed to the construction, so ATV owners did not pay for the construction.


3. In fact, there is/has been a real effort by DCNR to direct ATV license fees  to the development of ATV trails. The attempt was made to identify state parks willing to accept ATV trails within their boundaries about a year ago - none agreed to permit development of such trails. They stated their inability to keep them on designated trails. (See the email below from  Kennerdell Tunnel bikers).


4. AVTA has received DCNR grant money in the past and part of it was used for the purchase of the property south of the tunnel. The tunnel itself was part of a donation to AVTA from PG&E (Scrubgrass Power).


5. The Federal Highway Administration will not permit TE money to be used to develop pedestrian trails if motor vehicles are also permitted on the trail - it is not safe (again, see below). We were required to raise our own money to pave through St George.


I am concerned that such statements as those on the banner inflame ATV owners against the trail system. We have already suffered a number of incidents of vandalism on the new trail - this can't help.


email (subject, terror in the tunnel)

On  Saturday, Sept. 6, 2003 my wife and I biked the new

trail section from Rockland Tunnel to the end of the  paving past the kennerdel tunnel.


Approching the Kennerdel Tunnel we noticed all the

baricades we down.  On our return trip as we

approched the Kennerdel Tunnel 3 men on quads were

racing around the trail spining gravel and rocks all over the

trail making it impassible. 


As we entered the tunnel the 3 quads lined up behind us

3 across and raced their engines.  As were approched

the middle of the tunnel, they raced toward us, one on

each side and one on the trail terrifying us.  As they

got near us the one on the trail served around us.


As we got near the far end of the tunned, the came at

us again from the other side.


The tunned was also full of fumes from the quads.


I hope you can pratrol the trail to stop  the quads from entering the tunnel.


Robert W. Wilson



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From: Scott Schneider

To: Jim Holden

Sent: Friday, October 03, 2003 8:28 PM

CC: Chet Lytle; Terry Ray; Steve Schenck; Maryann Porterfield; Karen Counselman; John Sims; John and Judy Hanninen; David Howes; Dave McVay; Bob Barber; Bill Weller; Matt Lehman

Subject: Re: facts


Thanks for the details!  FYI, we report what's been written in articles which have bearing upon The Kennerdell Area.  You might want to contact The Derrick to correct the original 8/1/03 article we posted?


As far as TUNNEL TERRORISM,...I believe about 5% of what I hear.  Almost sounds like " Attempted Murder " to me and I guess I missed those headlines.  It sounds like Mr. Wilson should move quickly to lock-up movie rights!! 


As far as vandalism,...I'd heard some had occurred.  You'll always have a few " bumps in the road " as significant transition of this nature takes place in ultra-rural areas.  It's human nature and we've had vandalism, too!!  The natives are restless, but, my guess is that things will settle in...as they always do.  Take a deep breath and relax: it'll be all right!


As far as AVTA, up to this point, and, as indicated within our website,...we've always been supporters of your program.  We think its a good thing for Kennerdell and we've already been out on most of the new bike trails ( on bikes - just for the record ).  Great Job Jim !!!


As far as ATVs, we think there's plenty of room in Venango County for both sports.  We, like most good local folks, respect the new " Mason - Dixon Line " and the laws which exist.  We don't really care where the funding comes from, so long as things are done by-the-book, and by the law.


As far as our banner...it's already old news and due to be updated anyway.


I was going to call you this evening to have a chat, however, in consideration of the cc-list, I thought a simple e-mail would kill a few birds with one stone.


Best Regards to All !!