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Your Hosts and Our Objectives

Although it would be best if things could always stay as they are today…for ever and ever,…the fact that we are dealing with a few tracts of contiguous land, which are bisected by two high-capacity electrical easements, two  high-capacity gas line easements, in a “ NO ZONING “ township,...lying in a county which is economically depressed and, which has a history of industrial incursions into residential " green fields ",...we are concerned that Kennerdell may be desirable to several classes of industrial suitors and we would like to see Kennerdell become something other than the industrial dumping zone for southern Venango County.

If you're on this web-site, We know you'll agree that Kennerdell is a great place and that it deserves a chance to move forward in a manner which is proper.  If you really think about it, It would have been best if the acreage surrounding Kennerdell were still owned by the timber and the paper companies...or, better yet, the government.  All the prior owners really cared about was letting the trees grow...until they were big enough to harvest.  Now, acre by acre, these large tracts of land have all been harvested and the remaining land, viewed as a inconsequential bi-product to their industry, is now being sold.

Thanks to National City, We now have an opportunity to neutralize a small part of this situation...at least the area surrounding Kennerdell, and, we encourage you to do the same.  It’s our intent over the next 10 years, to shift the current real estate tax burden from our shoulders to the shoulders of individuals, each capable of making a measurable contribution to the area. By erecting medium - high value homes on moderately sized building sites, we would expect a fair number of new jobs to be created in (and brought into ) Southern Venango County, as well as a significant, long-term contribution to be made toward the local community’s tax base. 

UPMC / Northwest’s decision to build a $100M medical facility, 8 miles down the road, leads us to believe we may capture a percentage of the “new home starts“ which normally accompanies this type of development. We truly believe The Kennerdell Area has a lot to offer, and given it's our choice, We’ve decided we would rather have residential neighbors than the alternative. Continuing to carry the tax burden is not an option!!  Good Ideas are Always Appreciated.

As in the past, We know we can count on an appropriate level of support and guidance from our elected local, county and state governing officials, as we know it is within their charter to facilitate long-term economic growth and expansion into Southern Venango County. 

We are glad to be Americans living in Northwestern PA !!

New Photos Coming Soon.........

Aunt Betty, Scott, Uncle Joe, Mom, Dad & Aunt Siv